Cozumel Climate & Weather

Weather in Cozumel

Due to its Caribbean Sea location and prevalent westerly winds, Cozumel has tropical savanna climate under the Köppen climate classification that closely borders on a tropical monsoon climate. Cozumel´s dry season is short, only taking place from February to April but even in these months, precipitation is seen to averaging about 45 millimetres (1.8 in) of rain per month. Cozumel´s wet season is quite lengthy, covering most of the months, with September and October being the wettest months, when rainfall averages over 240 millimetres (9.4 in). Thunderstorms can occasionally occur during the wet season but the islands temperatures tend to remain stable with little variation from month to month even though the temperatures are cooler from December to February with the coolest month averaging 22.9 °C (73.2 °F). Due to its proximity to the Caribbean Sea, the island is relatively humid, with an average humidity of 84%. The wettest month on record was in October 1980 with 792 millimeters (31.2 in) of rainfall and the wettest recorded day was on June 19, 1975 with 281 millimeters (11.1 in). Further historic weather extremes range from 9.2 °C (48.6 °F) on January 18, 1977 to 39.2 °C (102.6 °F) although these should only be considered as rare events as the temperature on the island is quite stable throughout the year.