Cozumel Ferry service

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Cozumel Ferry service

Cozumel´s main ferry operator “Mexico Water Jets” transports you from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel Island in about 35 min. Their fleet of air conditioned passenger ferries with comfortable seating & music videos for the minimal cost of 15 to 20$. We now offer buses on our day trips & excursions page that will take you directly to Playa Del Carmen from the Cancun airport if your vacation is solely at Cozumel these are very convenient. The bus can be arranged just as you leave the airport terminal. If you´re in Cancun however, the trip to Playa takes about 1 hour on the excellent highway. Alternatively you can rent a car in Cancun & come over on the car ferry. This is a little expensive, about $50 US each way but affords more freedom to discover the island where rental cars are a little more expensive. Be sure to check the schedules carefully to be sure you can cross when you wish and keep in mind that renting a car once you arrive in Cozumel is also possible on our Cozumel car rental pages.

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