Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Topography & Geology

Cozumel is a relatively flat island based on limestone, resulting in a karst topography. The highest natural point on the island is just 15 m (49 ft) above sea level. The cenotes are deep water filled sinkholes formed by water percolating through the soft limestone soil during thousands of years. Cozumel’s cenotes have very restricted […]

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Travelucion Guide Mexico Cozumel | Free Guide Mexico

CozumelĀ is just one of the websites Travelucion operates and is part of over 800 travel websites for over 130 countries worldwide. Our Mexico Collection of 70+ websites covers Mexican States, Cities and towns, along with 10 Mexico special interest websites. If you are traveling to Mexico, our websites will assist you in finding the right […]

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