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Diving in Cozumel | Dos Coronas

Dos Coronas has a total length of 1070 m (3511 ft) with a maximum depth of 7 m (23 ft). The Dos Coronas cenote was explored in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The main entrances are located off the coast of Cozumel and are easily accessible. The 2012 map credits naming seven surveyors and explorers and […]


Diving in Cozumel | Cenote Tres Potrillos

Cenote Tres Potrillos is 94 m (310 ft) in length: 94 m. The maximum depth of the sink is 38.1 m (125 ft). Maximum depth of a connecting tunnel is 15 m (50 ft). The Cenote Tres Potrillos cave was discovered in 1998. The entrance is a series of very minor restrictions which opens into […]


Diving in Cozumel | Cenote Chu-Ha

Cenote Chu-Ha – The partial upstream explored length is 244 m (800 ft) with a maximum depth of 38.1 m (125 ft). The remaining downstream explored length is 305 m (1000 ft) with a maximum depth of 18.3 m (60 ft). Cenote Chu-Ha is closed to divers due to the presence of important archaeological artifacts; […]


Cave Diving in Cozumel

Cozumel contains a number of underwater caves beneath its surface making diving in Cozumel very popular with tourists. The longest caves on Cozumel are located on the island’s west shore. Diving in Cozumel includes Cueva Quebrada (length: 9000 m or 29529 ft) and Cueva Aerolito (length: 6100 m or 20014 ft) deposit large volumes of […]